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What Methods Of Payment Are There?
Most of our customers choose to pay with any major credit card. We also offer the option to pay with cash & receive an instant receipt via Western Union's famous Quick Collect(TM) service --available worldwide....as well as the option to mail a personal check or money order to our corporate offices. Please see our order form for complete details, options, and instructions!

How Long Have You Been In Business?
The Paper Store has been conducting scholarly research since 1994. We are located at 38 Parry Drive, Hainesport, NJ 08060 and our corporate phone number is 1-800-90-WRITE or 1-609-518-7811. Orders for on-file papers are placed exclusively through this on-line store--as it is not possible to request them by phone--due to overwhelming volume and the importance of computers in assuring that every customer receives their paper promptly and efficiently...

Do You Offer Help In Languages Other Than English?
The Paper Store can translate ANY of our 25,000+ papers into rough Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Portuguese. All papers were originally written in English and although our translations are quite understandable--they are NOT flawless. For details on ordering papers in languages other than English, see the TRANSLATION section of our order form. As a backup, we always send a copy of every paper in English--even if you request second language translation...

term papers  - real help for college studentsCan I Use Your Report As My Own Term Paper?
Not even one sentence. Plagiarism occurs when you take the ideas OR words of another writer and restate them as your own without proper attribution to that writer as the original source.

What's Is Your Refund Policy?
The Paper Store will go to every extreme reasonably possible to satisfy each and every customer but must maintain a strict no refund policy on all purchases made at realpapers.com. Remember, information is not a tangible item--it can not be traded or "brought back" like other products... ideas sent via email, fax, or Federal Express do not constitute "goods"--but rather, services. Since customers can view a free, full page excerpt ....... ask ANY questions about ANY particular paper before ordering it--there is no reason not to know EXACTLY what to expect and thus, no reason to request a refund anyway ! If you order CUSTOM work, we also pledge to provide a free REVISION of our paper if we fail to accurately comply with any of the research parameters you set forth at the time of your order.The vast majority of our customers are not only extremely happy with their purchases... they go on to become repeat clients for years to come !

Do You Offer Any Special Discounts?
Approximately two times per year, Realpapers.com sends out coupons and promo codes to our existing customers..offering incentives to Purchase term paper examples in advance of our peak season [before March-May and October-December]. The discount amount varies... but is typically between 5 and 15% off ! Select recipients may also receive information about becoming a Paper Store Plus+ member--a special program that includes random discounts, free homework advice, Spring Break vacation giveaways.. and more!!!

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